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Pepperoni Pizza


In Italy, a Trattoria is a small Italian-style establishment.

The food is genuine, made from scratch and the service is casual.

Owner Terry Bartlett, who returned to Dayton, Washington from Corvallis, Oregon, continues

his restaurant industry path while paying homage to his father in his latest venture.

The 1984 Dayton High School graduate got started in the pizza business in college, and operated pizza

franchises in Pullman, Washington; Seaside, California; and Salt Lake City, Orem, Provo and American Fork,

Utah before moving to Oregon, where he had Pizza Pipeline franchises in Corvallis and Eugene.

Drawn back to his roots with his wife LuAnn in Dayton, where his father, Clarence,

and sister, Spring, live, he brings his restaurant acumen to the new spot.

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